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Stretch Hooding

  • High speed – up to 100 pallets per hour
  • No down time during coil replacement
  • Energy saving – no heat required
  • Less film consumption
  • Greater pack stability and product protection
  • Ground level film loading and maintenance eliminates the risk of working at height
  • Touch screen control system
stretch hood pallet wrapper

The OMS IS44 is a fully-automatic, high-speed stretch wrapper, capable of speeds of up to 100 pallets/hour. The stretch hooder (also known as stretch bagging machine) forms and applies hoods to both palletised and non-palletised products using coils of tubular stretch film.

Heat is not needed making this machine more eco-friendly than shrink machines which use gas. Coils of stretch films can be replaced without having to stop the machine. The hood provides a waterproof and dustproof outer packaging for finished goods.

Standard features
  • Touch screen control system
  • Arch freefall prevention device
  • Ground level film loading and maintenance
  • Integral pallet chain conveyor

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