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Robot Palletising

  • Decreased direct labour costs by eliminating the need for manual handling
  • Fewer lifting related employee injuries
  • Produces tighter, more uniform stacks
  • Smoother, faster flow of materials from production to storage and shipping
  • Improved cube utilisation
  • Multi-function gripper
  • Full system design and installation
  • Handles multiple products on one line
haith robot palletising system

Robots are used to stack a number of products, Haith have extensive experience in robotics and are a Kawasaki robot partner for all palletising applications, especially sand and aggregates for the building and construction industry.

Robotic packing systems are individually built to customer specifications but all use the very versatile range of Kawasaki robots. These machines will work 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, packing at rates of up to 18-20 bags per minute.

Systems are designed to palletise from 5kg to 25kg bags of various different products.

Standard features
  • Industry leading high speed Kawasaki palletizing robot
  • Reliable mechanical gripper design bespoke to product
  • Integrated safety systems designed to relevant standards

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