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Lamella Settlers

  • Fast and simple to set-up
  • Ideal for quarry, recycling and construction sites, restricted spaces, and temporary installations
  • A relatively small footprint
  • Fully automatic with a sludge density system with automatic discharge either to a skip, belt press, plate press or centrifuge
  • Available as part of a full water system or as a mobile trailer mounted unit
  • Full technical support is also provided on silt management, fine particle settling, chemical dosing and process support
lamella tank

The range of Haith lamella settlers designed and developed by the Haith in-house team offers six models with a flow range, or capacity ranging from 25³/hr to 150³/hr.

Employing the ultra-efficient counter-current design, with removable settling lamella plates angled for solids accumulation and thickening.

A bottom sludge hopper with rake stirrers help consolidate the slurry to a desirable thickness, and then discharges at a predetermined specific gravity by the Haith slurry monitoring system.

Standard Features
  • Flocculation mixer
  • Lamella plate pack
  • Feed gallery
  • Adjustable V notch weir plates
  • Water collection gallery
  • Internal heavy duty rake with drive and load motor
  • Heavy duty support frame
Optional features
  • Distribution chamber flocculation agitator
  • Serpentine flocculant mixer manifold
  • Top access gantry

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