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Filter Press

  • Mechanised plate shifter side bar design filter press
  • Electro-hydraulic open close system
  • Carbon steel Frame painted for corrosion protection
  • Polypropylene recessed filter plate pack
  • Operator protection via photo electric light barriers on both sides (mounted on independent support posts) and fixed punch mesh powder coated guards on ends
  • Filter cloths suitable for the application
  • Drip Trays & side Launder in stainless steel 304
filterpress machine

We manufacture both side bar and over beam filter presses from 250mm square up to 2 metre square with any number of chambers. With a maximum working pressure up to 16 bar, machines can be very simple manually operated, or fully automatic, requiring no operator intervention.


An industrial filter press is a tool used in separation processes, specifically to separate solids and liquids. The machine stacks many filter elements and allows the filter to be easily opened to remove the filtered solids, and allows easy cleaning or replacement of the filter media.

Filter presses cannot be operated in a continuous process but can offer very high performance, particularly when low residual liquid in the solid is desired.

Standard features
  • Painted carbon steel frame
  • Double acting hydraulic open/close system
  • Photo electric light curtains on both sides
  • Mechanical guarding on press ends
  • Special polypropylene plate pack
  • Filter cloths and associated fittings
  • Control panel including e-stop, light curtains, safety relays and auto valve control
Optional features
  • High pressure booth cloth washer including 50 bar wash pump

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