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Density Separation

  • Available in a range of sizes, 750mm wide to 3000mm wide
  • For use in material separation in the recycling industry
  • Versatile water jet cross current system for variable density separation
  • Material dewatering section on discharge
sink float tank

This unit aids in the separation of different types of plastic by their bulk density. The system uses water jets, rotary paddles and a scraper chain to assist with the separation of the material.

Standard features
  • Web type belts
  • 3 phase shaft mounted drives
  • 4mm thick base tank
  • Rotary paddle and water jets for improved separation
  • Integral filter screen and water recycling pump
  • Web tensioning points on outside of tank
  • Web belt scraper system
  • Infeed chute to take material below water level
  • External bearings for low maintenance

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