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  • Semi-troughed and heavy duty semi-troughed conveyors and elevators available
  • Suitable for intake, aggregates and waste
  • Available in a wide range of sizes to suit application
  • Capable of use in high capacity lines
  • Heavy duty, robust construction


haith semi trough conveyor

The semi-trough conveyors and elevators have an additional set of rollers built within the chassis. When the belt is running along the additional rollers it forms a trough forcing the product into the centre of the belt, this allows the conveyor to hold more volume and reduces spillage.

These conveyors are mainly found at intake and aggregate plants where there are high volumes of product and materials. The conveyor chassis has a robust construction for heavy duty applications.

Heavy duty conveyors are located in very tough environments on high capacity lines. The conveyor chassis has been developed and designed to be extremely tough with inspection hatches located throughout the conveyor side section for easy access and maintenance.

Drive and driven rollers have oversized shafts, rollers and bearings to withstand the high volumes of product, aggregate and waste. These conveyors come standard with a heavy duty rubber belt but can be supplied in different materials to suit the application.

Standard features
  • 75/140mm high skirting - stainless steel with seal
  • Drive and driven rollers with shaft clamping elements
  • External bearing design to aid access
  • 50mm high cleats @ 300mm pitch/70mm high angled cleats @ 150mm pitch
Optional features
  • Fixed speed or electronic/manual variable speed 3 phase shaft mounted geared drive
  • Tubular support legs with adjustable feet
  • Lockable castors
  • Swan neck and return roller
  • Belt scraper
  • Under belt BZP/stainless steel support rollers
  • Stainless steel bearing inserts, composite housings (idle and drive rollers
  • Idle and drive rollers - stainless steel construction
  • Infeed chute
  • Cut outs and covers to aid roller maintenance
  • Under trays
  • Dust covers with extraction points

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