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Chemical Dosing Systems

  • Available in powder or liquid
  • Powder unit sizes – 1000, 1500, 2000 and 3000 litre capacity
  • Liquid unit sizes – 500, 1000 litre capacity
haith chemical dosing system

Chemical Dosing Systems are used predominantly for chemical makeup on primary solids removal and sludge de-hydration, Polymer makeup systems are sized to suit varying dose requirements.

Powder or liquid polymers can be diluted on-site to save on expensive premade chemical supply.

Standard features - Powder System
  • Stainless steel tank construction with three chamber design for ageing
  • In-tank stirrers to aid chemical mixing
  • Dry powder storage hopper with level control sensor and lid
  • Powder micro feeder with heater to stop blockage due to moisture
  • Fully integrated control panel for automated chemical makeup
Standard features - Liquid System
  • Tank constructed from food grade MDPE
  • In-tank stirrer to aid chemical mixing
  • Neat chemical metering pump for accurate dilution

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