Peeler Press

Designed for course solids separation the compactor press machine is available in four widths - 0.75 metre, 1 metre, 1.5 metre and 2 metre.

The machine incorporates two pressed steel side plates forming the main frame of the machine. Within these are fitted two sets of rollers which are driven by a common geared motor drive unit mounted on top of the main frame. Fitted around these rollers are two de-watering belts each fitted with a driven cleaning brush to remove any waste that remains on the belts.

The belts incorporate automatic belt tenshioning including an automatic belt tracking system; waste discharge chutework is fitted to the front of the machine to direct the waste into a single point for collection by either waste skip or conveyor system.

The machine is fully guarded with mesh guarding and is mounted on adjustable legs, the standard legs are designed to elevate the machine over a stand tippling skip.

Machines are available in painted or galvanised mild and stainless steel.