Polymer Dosing

Who else can give you Engineering experience with Chemical & Biological expertise?

What we offer...

We use proven flocculants and coagulants that enhance conventional biomechanical processes by improving the efficiency of solids/liquid separation. These are available in two forms: 

  • high molecular weight cationic polyelectrolytes supplied in microbead, powder, liquid dispersion, inverse emulsion and water in emulsion forms.
  • high molecular weight anionic polyelectrolytes supplied in microbead, powder or luquid dispersion and inverse emulsion form.

    Computer assisted dose control systems were introduced in response to increasingly complex process technological procedures. These dose control systems offer customers the benefits of automated control, optimum chemical consumption and process security, as well as reduced costs.

    Antifoams - Our customers' demands for more intensive processing, rigorous site safety and cleanliness, coupled with the need to meet outflow consent limits, make foam or scum generation during most effluent treatment processes an ever more costly problem.

    Our range of foam control agents has been established through an understanding of the very different nature of foams generated in aerobic treatments, anaerobic digestion, sludge de-watering and in processed water weirs and outflows.

    Haith Group offers services which range from the selection of a suitable product for quick recovery of optimum process performance to bespoke automated foam prevention programs which deliver reliable process intensification, reduce labour costs and ensure a cleaner, safer working environment.

    Who are we...

    The Haith Group has a proven track record with over 25 years experience of designing, building and installing every aspect of water treatment facilities in a whole range of industries - food and drink, agriculture, textiles, minerals, automotive as well as municipal sewage and effluent treatment. All these sectors have gained from our experience of process improvements and efficiencies that can be obtained through effective management of process and effluent waters.

    Helping our customers to more efficiently manage their water resources is central to our business

    What we do ...

    AS THE IMPORTANCE of clean water increases, so does the number of stringent environmental standards for water and wastewater treatments that are being introduced.

    This development puts growing pressure on existing facilities for the treatment of potable and process water, industrial effluents, sewage and the resultant sludge.


    Our blend of engineering experience combines with chemical and biological expertise.

    We offer a complete package of specifically designed equipment, process technologies and accompanying scientific products and technologies.

    We will help you to meet your environmental commitment whilst ensuring reliable process operation at the optimum VALUE.

    How we operate...

    Technical Service and Support ensures the efficient working of all our treatment programs.

    We include fast response call-outs providing remedial action to ensure our partners can continue operating as normal as well as regular check ups. We also perform regular treatment surveys and plant studies to optimise performance.

    Laboratory analysis has become more important as compliance with regulations becomes even more critical. We have access to accredited laboratories to provide prompt and independent certification of water analysis. Feedback is given to assist with the understanding of sampling techniques and results. We can also offer automatic water samplers and flow meters to carry out effluent surveys and treat-ability studies.

    By providing a total water resource package we are able to ensure our partners operate cost effectively whilst observing legislation and safeguarding the environment for future generations.

    Our overall aim is to provide the balance between industry and the environment.

    HAITH CHEMICAL SOLUTIONS - Our expertise is your peace of mind

*** We manufacture a range of both a dry powder and liquid make units in a range of sizes ***